Professional resharpening.

The real taste of owning a Sakai forged knife.
It is the excitement of your knife becoming more and more adjusted for you through each resharpening.
Try resharpening by our professionals, that makes your knife sharp as new.
In addition to resharpening, we offer other maintenance services including repairs of chipped and snapped blades.
For customers overseas: please contact your retailer.

Santoku / Multi purpose knife (180mm) 1,320 yen
Yanagiba / Sashimi knife (~210mm) 1,650yen
Deba (~150mm) 1,650 yen

Maintenance flow

Please provide us the following information through the contact page.
・Knife type, blade length
・Your request such as re-sharpening, replacement of handles, etc.
・Name,Postal code,Address,Phone number
2. Receive reply concerning the price assessment etc.
We will inform you of the price, payment method, and shipping address.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
  • An additional fee may be assessed for restoring items with heavy damage.
3. Prepare for packing and shipping
Wrap your knives using newspaper or packing material and fix it so that the blade is not exposed.
Please write on the package that Knives are in it and send it.
  • Please be sure to include your name, address / postal code, and phone number.
4. Re-sharpening / repair
After arriving at our factory, we will finish it and send it in about 7 to 10 days.
When you have the knife back, please check the sharpness.
  • Please note that the shipping + return charges will be borne by the customer.


For product order, re-sharpening, and OEM, please contact us from here.