For all the people in the world who love cooking.

Owning a good knife.
It is to pay the utmost respect to food. It means to do the everyday work, cooking, with courtesy.
Sakai is the home of Japanese knife forging, the 600-year-old tradition. And it is our mission to bring the sharpness nurtured here to today’s kitchens.

Since its foundation in 1969, Baba Cutlery Works is committed to Monozukuri, handcraft of highest quality.
Always have, always will, not depending on the well-established name.
Beyond tradition. For all the people in the world who love cooking.


Preserve the techniques, pass them on to the next generation.

Because we aspire to continuously spread the appeal of authentic Sakai forged knives to the world, it is also our important mission to pass down the traditional skill and technique to the next generation.
Blacksmiths hammer forge steel. Sharpeners delicately create edges.

Working together in a relationship of trust to pursue even higher standard – this is our ethic.
We have conducted close inspections of malfunctioning blades and shared the result with the craftsmen to increase the accuracy of forging and sharpening.
Such efforts at improvement give us full confidence in the quality of our own products.



We offer professional knife sharpening and repairing services. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


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